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Oct 21, 2012 12:00pm EDT
to ucla. he ended up going to do ucla. >> you are on the campus of usc. >> we won't get excited about that. so much of what he did with his life was an example. after his sports career, he became a businessman. a very successful businessman. he pointed out things and with regard to economics that black americans needed to know about. he was very -- very much a wall model and mentor in many of the aspects of his life. >> that's call from our viewing audience is lisa in nashville. caller: thank you for taking my call. i love c-span 2 and "book tv." mr. kareem abdul-jabbar, it is such an honor to talk you into here about the book you have written. i knew you were an author, but i did not realize how many books you have written. what was the title of your first book and how do you decide on the subjects of iraq's? >> the title of my first book was a giant steps. it is my biography. i'm a pretty tall person, i take long steps. that's how i got the title of my book. but i choose my subject matter with regards to how to impact people and explain things about american life that a lot of people are
Oct 21, 2012 1:30am PDT
city's hey day. :09 r. davis - when we showed up for competitions usc, ucla, stanford, all the top school in america did not want to see us show up. the 1969 ncaa championship team featured smith and carlos.. who put speed city on the map not only for their blazing speed but for their historic protest against oppression during the 1968 olypic games. as smith and carlos raised their fists for equality among all ... it's easy to forget that the two spartans won gold and bronze medals that day. smith got gold after setting a new 200-meter world-record -- while carlos trailed less than a second behind to capture the bronze. :11 john carlos - i'm just very happy that i was able to be successful in my sports and set a precedence for kids who wanted to come into the sport after me and just do my do. a year later the speed city legacy continued as san jose state won the 1969 ncaa track and field championship trophy. today this monument on the sjsu campus reminds students about the courageous act smith and carlos took at the olympics. alum terry melvin was around back in the speed city days
Oct 21, 2012 2:00pm EDT
at ucla where i had been getting my ph.d. -- the world views of these tea partiers. one thing that sets the tea party apart from many others is they have a very traditional view of the american dream. a 12 million -- toquevillian view, if you look. they have this view that all people of all backgrounds can succeed. this is not to say that other americans do not have this view, but they have this believe even more so, and it permeates how they answer poll questions and also helps explain a lot of their other policy positions that other people have a hard time understanding. let's go through this -- these are some pictures i took at a washington, d.c., tea party protest. you often see signs like this. "do not spread my wealth -- spread my work ethic." "stop punishing success and rewarding failure." this is part of a common theme throughout the tea party. throughout the tea party. for this
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3